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'People called me disgusting and a disgrace': Weather girl Clare Nasir unveils her new figure after losing TWO STONE through diet and exercise plan

The former GMTV weather girl Clare Nasir stunned the country when pictures of her exercising wearing a bright green crop top and hotpants emerged.

But now, after a punishing diet and exercise regime, Clare has managed to shed a staggering two stone.

The 40-year-old presenter said it was the photographs of her exercising in the unflattering outfit in July which first prompted her to lose weight.


What a difference a few months makes: Former GMTV weather girl Clare Nasir was devastated when she saw pictures of herself (left) looking lumpy in all the wrong places. The new mum certainly seems to have put her weighty issues behind her however and now attracts admiring comments about her newly trim figure

She said: 'When I saw the pictures I burst into tears - they were so humiliating and undignified.

'People said some pretty vicious things - that I was disgusting and a disgrace.

'I even had one comment saying they were sure I was wearing a fat suit. It was pretty heart-breaking but it just made me more determined to sort myself out.

Work it! These days Clare takes her workouts seriously and regularly trains her personal instructor in order to keep newly trim figure tip top

'It's fantastic being a mum, but before I fell pregnant I was a size 12 and around 9st 7lbs.

'By the time I have birth I was 12st 7lbs. My body changed so much.'

Clare, who is just over 5ft tall, weighed 10st 4lbs when the photos were taken, but is now eight stone and a tiny size 8.

But it hasn't been easy and Clare, who is mother to one-year-old daughter Sienna, has had to undertake exercise sessions with personal trainers Elia Siaperas and Dee Thresher, as well as sticking to an entirely low-fat diet.

Follow her lead: Could you have predicted it? Clare is now due to release a fitness DVD just after Christmas to show other women how she achieved her new killer body

Admiration: Clare revealed to Closer magazine that she's had women approaching her in the street to ask her how she lost the weight

And, as many people predicted she would, Clare is now preparing to release her own fitness DVD Clare Nasir's Boot Camp, chronicling exactly how she lost the weight.

She added to Closer magazine: 'I've had so many women coming up to me asking for advice on how to lose weight, that it seemed like a no-brainer to show them exactly how I've done it.

'This isn't going to be a girlie dance around your handbag routine, because I think everyone knows those kind of workouts don't work - if you want to lose weight, you have to sweat a bit.'

Clare's workouts include kickboxing, lengthy runs, using weighted exercise balls and completing exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups on an inflatable balance ball.

Clare Nasir's Boot Camp is out on December 27th.

Former bikini body: In June this year, Clare bared her curves in a tiny pink and orange bikini, before undertaking her gruelling new diet and exercise regime

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3. listopadu 2010 v 19:44 Diary
porad ve worku nebo v posilce. Ale vcera mi to docela slo:) chodim ted do meho stareho fitka, kde jsem v podstate pred dvema lety zacinala. Bavi me na tom to, ze je tam zase spousta novych lidi, kteri evidentne nikdy nevideli nikoho poradne makat. Vcera jsem sla s drepikama az na zadek a pekne to bolelo :) v setu 2x15x 60kg - 2x8x90kg - 2x6x100kg - 2x6x90kg a znovu 2x10x60kg, jsem se z chripky dokonale vylecila:) dobrá bilance na to, že jsem tam pred tema dvema lety padala pri prvnich pokusech s prazdnou tyci na zem :D

v praci desna honicka, nejsem tam ani mesic a pul a uz mi hazi zakazky ktery by i profikovi trvaly 14 dni a me na to daji tyden. Je to komplet sazba textu 43strankovy brozury s layoutem, grafikou a se vsim, kteoru budou chtit ve 3 jazykovych mutacich, takze to budu delat vpodstate trikrat. V patek to ma jit do tisku pod pohruzkou smrti. Ano, tento patek:D Mam hotovych 30 stranek v cj. Vypada to ze si zitra beru do prace spacak nebo nebudu spat vubec. Ale jako praxe super..:)

pro urychleni jakekoliv prace doporucuju hodne kafe a rychlou hudbu :D (na jidlo, navstevy wc, a ostatni zbytecnosti zapomente)